Bush’s Wet Brain Syndrome 2: Show me the way to go home


Show Me the Way to Go Home

Carl Senna, 2006, all rights reserved

More on wet brains, the symptom of former chronic alcoholism of recoverning and active alcoholics: the flight to fantasy is a major symptom of the disease.
Mel Gibson claims that his DUI (driving under the influence/drunk driving arrest) arrest was the “best thing that” happened to him, much as fellow wet brainer President Bush claims that we’re winning the fight against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the world has never been safer. Both men are no longer drinking, thankfully, so they claim. But the irreversible damage to their frontal lobes by many years of daily heavy drinking may have already been done. Notice that in his press conference the other day Bush abruptly turned the conversation away from North Korea and Iraq to observations about the clothes the reporters were wearing. It wasn’t gallows humour. His small talk sure ate away at the time until the press conference was over, with still unanswered questions about what Bush was going to do about North Korea and Iraq. The White House press corps was as much putty in his hands as Dianne Sawyer was in Gibson’s for her ABC television interview with the DUI star the other night. Gibson dismissed his drunken anti-Semitic tirade when he was arrested, as the truth about his feelings about Jews (“in vino veritas,” wine gets us to speak the truth). And it’s probably true for both him and fellow wet brainer Bush that a drunken watchman never knows the correct time. The standard therapeutic measure however for recovering alcoholics is that they ought to stay away from bars, social gatherings where alcoholic drinks are served and avoid contact with heavy drinkers and active alcoholics, because the temptation to pick up a drink in those social environments is usually irresistible. Gibson now has been arrested violating the rule, but Bush has not yet been caught. And I say ‘yet’ because it is a telling sign of wet brain syndrome, if not actually an indication that Bush has had a slip-up, when we find that his cabinet and closest advisers are very heavy drinkers, one an active alcoholic (Cheney,almost surely a wet brainer), Rumsfeld, and Karl Rove. It’s unusual in the annals of research on wet brains to find another example such as Bush, every afternoon when the others are belting down a few gin and tonics unwinding, to socialize with them and drink only a coke or a glass of cold milk.
In the rare cases where the wet brainer resists backsliding, he or she usually has an extremely aggressive outlet to reinforce the abstinence. Some wet brainers beat their wives, others go to war, still others soon again fall off the wagon. The inner fight not to backslide terrifies the recoving drunk, so, not able to fight himself, if he is a wet brainer, he fights someone else. The temptation to bomb North Korea must deeply torment Bush when he leaves the oval office without a good stiff one to get him through the night.

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Posted by: Carl Senna | October 12, 2006 06:35 PM


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