Dangerous Wet Brain Syndrome in Political Leaders


A Bush with a Wet Brain

He’s more dangerous than without a Brain

By Carl Senna, 2006, all rights reserved

In response to those who want the U. S. to bomb a nuclear armed North Korea into the stone age, using “Shock and Awe” style Iraqi War tactics, I ask: Why shock and awe attacks? After that, what? A devastated country like Iraq? Slavery! Which country’s next? But my real concern is that George Bush, a lifelong alcoholic, may have a “Wet Brain.” The reason I raise this concern is that even though the President has been given a clean bill of health each year, he has yet to be given the kind of neurological brain exam that would tell whether he is partially brain dead, as a result of a diet of a fifth of Chivas Regal a day for 2 decades before he went on the wagon. And as most of us know , simply giving up booze does not mean that we’re going to recover from the neural, cerebral and physical damage of our addiction. I mean, consider the way Bush slurs his language every now and then. Just the other day in the Rose Garden answering reporters’ questions, he broke into his Connecticut-Down East Maine-Texas twang and referred to his limited vocabulary, stating that the Democratic calls for “a time table for withdrawal from Iraq” meant in his limited vocabulary the same thing as “cut and run.” I’ve often wondered about the changes in Bush since he gave up booze. From all accounts, he once spoke in the well-educated received pronunciation and vocabulary of one you might have expected was educated at the premier Prep School, Andover, at Yale and at Harvard. And we know that once there was evidence of that kind of elite education in the way Bush presented himself (See Nicholas Lemann’s account of Bush at Harvard Business School in the New Yorker Magazine .Alas, it’s all gone. Now we see someone who seems desperately to speak in the vernacular and manner of the entirely self-educated on a Texas ranch, or with the rudimentary education and social skills of a cowpuncher, or the schooling of of a gunslinger in a saloon. We saw this display of cerebral degeneration in the recently publicized incident where he was overheard to address British Prime Minister Tony Blair: “Yo, Blair. Syria’s got to get Hezbollah to stop this shit.” The First Post, “Desperately Seeking statesmanship,” Robert Fox, Archives, Fall, 2006) And then there is Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward’s account, in his new book, State of Denial New York: Simon & Schuster, 2006), of Bush addressing former Saudi Ambassador to the U.S., Prince Bandar (‘”Bandar, I guess you’re the best asshole who knows about the world.’ Who’s talking? President George Dubya Bush. He is speaking to Prince Bandar bin Sultan, owner of an English racing stud and Saudi ambassador to Washington for 15 years.” Saudi Prince Reveals Bush Crusade, The First Post, Fall, Archives,2006)

And, of course, there’ve been alleged incidents of Bush using salty language with others in his close-knit group, according to Washington Post reporter Karen DeYoung in her book on Colin Powell, Soldier:The Life of Colin Powell, New York: Alfred Knopf, 2006: (“Powell thought that Bush had a bad habit of driving headlong down blind alleys or going along for the ride when policy was being driven by Cheney, often with Rumsfeld in the jump seat,” Ms. DeYoung writes. ). One wonders, naturally, whether it’s also true, as one rumour goes, that he addresses Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice: “Hey, Momma” or “What you got cookin’, mammy?”)

Cynics might argue that Bush is trying to affect the lingo that his political handlers have found that appeals to most Americans. But I don’t buy that at all. No one in his right mind acts and talks belligerently in broken English unless they’re uneducated, drunk or have been formerly a drunk and now have a “wet brain.” I know many recovering alcoholics, some of them with “wet brain” syndrome. Outwardly, they seem normal but you’d have to have known them before the booze started to kill their liver, before it started to kill the brain cells of the frontal lobes of their cerebellum, the center of intellect, and before the alcohol started to kill off as well the part of the brain that controls speech and mood. They’re completely different from their old self, usually in some unpleasant, even psychotic, way. Some have become sociopaths, and wind up in jail or die from violence. That’s wet brain for you. We really can’t rule out or verify a diagnosis of wet brain for Bush until he submits to an MRI, blood and neurological tests for “wet brain.” And since his Vice-President, who. like the President, has been convicted for drunk driving (in Cheney’s case, a few times), the vice-president ought to be made to take the test for “wet brain” as well.
It’s time the media paid more attention to “wet brain” syndrome and the dangers of electing people afflicted with it. We have to stop electing to office people who are alcoholics, drug addicts, sexual predators, and sex addicts. It’s too dangerous to national security. And we have to stop electing people who claim to be reformed alcoholics, yet who secretly suffer from “wet brain.” Peace and the survival of the world require that the wet brains no longer qualify for elected office.

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October 12, 2006 01:51 PM


One Response to “Dangerous Wet Brain Syndrome in Political Leaders”

  1. Mary W. Says:

    You are exactly on target! I still can’t figure out how he got elected the first time. He is a raving lunatic and very dangerous. Listening to him even for a minute one can tell he is incapable of rational thought. Let’s not even go to how he believes God talks to him. His presidency is a complete disaster for the USA and the world.

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